Tim Larkin: Target Focus Training

Meet Tim Larkin, founder and president of Target Focus Training.
Tim Larkin

Las Vegas

How did you first get into your profession?
My grandfather introduced me to boxing when I was four years old and I’ve been fascinated with the subject of self-defense ever since.

If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
Providing clear instruction on when and, more importantly, when not to use the tool of violence as a law-abiding citizen to protect yourself.

What is the worst criticism you have overcome?
Some have claimed that I promote violence, which is a reaction from people that are uncomfortable with the idea that sometimes protecting yourself means knowing how to use violence.

What was the toughest lesson you’ve learned in your career?
Most people hope violence will never enter their lives. People tend to come to me after it has. My goal is to educate people before they’ve been hurt, to minimize the possibilities of it happening.