Nevada Health Care Association president Daniel Mathis to present to Nevada Legislative Committee on Seniors, Vets and Adults

Daniel Mathis to present to Nevada Legislative CommitteeLAS VEGAS – Daniel Mathis, president and CEO of the Nevada Health Care Association (NVHCA) has been asked to provide the association’s perspective to the Nevada Legislative Committee on Seniors, Vets and Adults with Special Needs at its next meeting, Wednesday, June 18, at 9 a.m. At this meeting, the committee chair will be revisiting the topic of the 2013 Nursing Home Report Card from its Jan. 15, 2014 meeting.

“We take issue with the way Nevada’s skilled nursing facilities were portrayed in this recent report by a group funded largely by lawyers who make a living suing our members. In particular, the report uses a national methodology to bundle the data of individual states, needlessly complicating and obscuring the data.”

At the same time, NVHCA and its members recognize the need to improve the level of care.

“We’re working daily with state lawmakers, state health officials and our members to accomplish this,” Mathis said. “We also work with a nonprofit organization called the Perry Foundation to educate and enhance training for Nevada’s skilled nursing facilities and their employees.”

The meeting will be in Carson City with a videoconference to Las Vegas. A copy of the agenda, when posted, will be available at:

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