The Window Officially Launches in Downtown Las Vegas

The Window, a multi-purpose space located Downtown at The Ogden, officially opened its doors this week.LAS VEGAS – The Window, a multi-purpose space located Downtown at The Ogden, officially opened its doors this week. The space will serve multiple audiences, and the arts will be a focus, as a live art installation and gallery will occupy The Window.  

The inaugural art piece will include a live installation by classically trained Las Vegas artist Donovan Fitzgerald, who specializes in chalk drawings. Fitzgerald will create chalk illustrations depicting the “New American City” on three concrete pillars inside The Window, located in the first floor of The Ogden, 150 N. Las Vegas Boulevard, at the southeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Ogden Avenue.
“The Window is a truly unique space in Las Vegas, and it’s extremely exciting to launch a space that will allow us to connect people to the arts in this way,” said David Gould, who operates The Window on behalf of Downtown Project. “People will be able to drop in and see Donovan at work, and one of the things we love about having an on-going installation like this is that you can return again and again and get a different view of the work throughout the month as more and more of it is completed.”
Fitzgerald’s completed installation will include a mix of classical and Las Vegas imagery. In addition to the installation, which is expected to be complete in the last week of May, Fitzgerald will also display a selection of his previous work in a gallery show that is expected to remain at The Window through the end of July.
Additionally, as The Window’s “artist-in-residence” for the month of May, Fitzgerald will conduct free pop-up art classes in the space.
Another unique aspect of The Window is that it will serve as a place to create co-learning relationships with local nonprofit organizations. Several nonprofits have already started to hold meetings and events in the space. As availability allows, staff at The Window hope to expand its reach within the local nonprofit community.
“One question we asked ourselves while creating The Window is how does a city learn?” said Gould. “By working with various groups and nonprofits to bring learning opportunities, meeting spaces, and art together, and opening that up as a place for co-working, we hope to create something larger than ourselves.”   
Already, co-learning and meeting opportunities at The Window have included Women 2.0 Foundation meet-up events; a Harvard MBA (HBS) Goes to DTLV public forum and piloted five day education/apprenticeship program; a UNLV Downtown Design Center city design class, coordinated with Arizona State University, University of Arizona, the Sonoran Institute, Arizona Department of Transportation and CH2MHILL; a UNLV Continuing Education pop-up class on vegetarian eating and living; a City of Phoenix panel discussion; and a storytelling workshop conducted by Peter Aguero, the Moth StorySLAM host, GrandSLAM champion, and instructor for the MothSHOP Community Education Program.
The Window will host the inaugural Faculty Institute: Social Entrepreneurship Across the Disciplines pilot program May 28 through 30. The program will be an immersion experience into the ongoing revitalization efforts in Downtown Las Vegas, designed to help attending faculty better understand how their research and teaching might best serve the needs of a city.
Additionally, Downtown Project tours will meet and start at The Window, and the space is available during the day for working or meeting.
Aside from curated evening events, standard hours of operation will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, visit