Paul A. Matteoni: Lewis Roca Rothgerber, LLP

Meet Paul A. Matteoni, Partner of Lewis Roca Rothgerber, LLP
Paul A. Matteoni


How did you first get into your profession?
Coming out of college, it was apparent that my mindset and personality lent itself to counseling others, assisting with disputes and multi-tasking on a daily basis. Those traits have proven most useful over my more than 25 years of practicing law in the state of Nevada.

If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
I would hope that my legacy will include the knowledge and manners that I have passed down to those attorneys that follow behind me. There is no more important role than that of a mentor to the younger attorney.

What business advice would you give someone just starting in your industry?
Be true to yourself. Make all efforts to practice in an area of law that suits your personality and in which you can be dedicated and passionate. Also, remember those who work for you and treat them well – without their assistance you would be overwhelmed.