May 2014: Around the State

Coalition Releases Job Impact Memo on Margin Tax Initiative

The Coalition to Defeat the Margin Tax Initiative (CDMTI) has completed an analysis of the potential employment impacts of Question 3, the Margin Tax Initiative, which will appear on November’s ballot. According to their research, the tax burden for businesses would increase by approximately $700 million. That increase would cause the loss of nearly 9,000 private sector jobs. The analysis was conducted by Applied Analysis and commissioned by CDMTI.

Cox Communications Launches Home Security Product

Cox Communications Las Vegas has launched Cox Home Security, a fourth product from the telecommunications provider. The home security division will offer 24/7 monitoring for residences in addition to the internet, cable and telephone services already provided by the company. The product was piloted in Arizona and has since launched in five other markets.

Mandatory 10 Digit Dialing Begins

According to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), telephone customers in the 702 area code in Nevada must dial all 10 digits when placing a call beginning on May 3rd. The area’s new area code for the region, 725, will become active on June 3rd. Callers who dial only seven digits will receive a pre-recorded message introducing them to 10-digit dialing.