Fed Up: Who Works for Who?

Bundy was operating under the premise that the government works for him, however, they were under the assumption that all citizens were subjected to them.

There are so many things wrong with last month’s BLM “roundup” it’s difficult to even know where to start. As anyone in businesses will tell you, to effectively negotiate a deal, both parties must begin with the same premise. Clive Bundy was operating under the premise that the government works for him. The government, however, was working under the assumption that Clive, … [Read more...]

Health Insurance Update: The Real Cost of Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been undergoing a major shift in how insurers pay providers, against that backdrop the state began implementing the ACA mandates

The healthcare industry, over many years, has been undergoing a gradual but major shift in how insurers pay providers. Against that backdrop, the state began implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) mandates, several of which the federal government has delayed or amended since. The ACA or Obamacare, as it has become known, has caused additional … [Read more...]

Closing the Generation Gap: Millennials vs. GenXers vs. Baby Boomers

In workplaces across Nevada, change is coming more quickly than at any time since the baby boomers generation changed the status quo regarding diversity.

In workplaces across Nevada, change is coming more quickly than at any time since baby boomers changed the status quo regarding diversity, hair length and governance in the 1960s. On shop floors and in cubicle farms from Ely to Searchlight, millennials – a term used to describe those under age 34 – are challenging the baby boomers – those now over age 50. The genXers – those … [Read more...]

Industry Focus: Investment Firms

A group of Nevada’s Investment Firms executives recently met at the offices of City National Bank to discuss the trends and obstacles facing their industry.

The actions of some have caused investment firms as a whole to be painted with the same brush. For the past few years, Nevada investment firms have struggled to assure the community of their ethical practices while managing client expectations and working in a down economy. Recently, executives representing investment firms across the state met at the Las Vegas offices of City … [Read more...]

Builders and Developers: Bullish on Nevada

Commercial real estate, which saw many projects stalled mid-recession, is finally moving in Nevada: contractors are hiring and builders are returning.

Nevada’s skyline is once again changing. Commercial real estate, which saw many projects stalled mid-recession, is finally moving: contractors are hiring and builders are returning. But is there activity across the board in all industry sectors – industrial, office, retail, mixed-use – or are some moving faster than others? Does it spell recovery? Or another boom and bust … [Read more...]

Family Owned Businesses 2014

The backbone of the economy, family owned businesses are an integral part of Nevada’s economic landscape.

Congratulations to the 2014 Family Owned Business Finalists It isn’t easy running a business, especially a family-owned business. Late hours, little to no salary and foregoing vacations can sometimes be exacerbated by family squabbles and employees that know the boss just a little too well. Nevertheless, family-owned businesses are the backbone of Nevada’s economy. This … [Read more...]

Paul A. Matteoni: Lewis Roca Rothgerber, LLP

Meet Paul A. Matteoni, Partner of Lewis Roca Rothgerber, LLP

Partner Reno http://www.lrrlaw.com/ How did you first get into your profession? Coming out of college, it was apparent that my mindset and personality lent itself to counseling others, assisting with disputes and multi-tasking on a daily basis. Those traits have proven most useful over my more than 25 years of practicing law in the state of Nevada. If you could be … [Read more...]

Scott Acton: Forté Specialty Contractors

Meet Scott Acton CEO of Forté Specialty Contractors.

CEO Las Vegas http://www.fortedesignbuild.com How did you first get into your profession? I followed my grandfather and father’s footsteps. They both created world famous attractions at Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Sea World. I started small…in the shop pushing a broom! If you had to choose another profession, what would it be? Ride designer at Disneyland. I … [Read more...]

Radha Chanderraj: Chanderraj Law Offices

Meet Radha Chanderraj, president of Chanderraj Law Offices

President Las Vegas http://www.chanderrajlaw.com/ How did you first get into your profession? Before I came to Las Vegas, I went to law school in Mumbai, India. However, I could not get a Nevada license as it was not an ABA accredited school. When the Boyd School of Nevada opened in Las Vegas, I decided to go back and get my license. If you had to choose another … [Read more...]

May 2014: Around the State

Coalition Releases Job Impact Memo on Margin Tax Initiative The Coalition to Defeat the Margin Tax Initiative (CDMTI) has completed an analysis of the potential employment impacts of Question 3, the Margin Tax Initiative, which will appear on November’s ballot. According to their research, the tax burden for businesses would increase by approximately $700 million. That … [Read more...]

Renown Health: Established in 1862

Renown Health has evolved — new technologies have been introduced, the organization has expanded, and in 2006 the name changed from the Washoe Health System to Renown Health. But the heart of the organization has remained the same over the past 152 years: Renown Health still serves the health and well-being of Northern Nevada. The organization was established at a pivotal … [Read more...]

Why Teachers are Leaving the Teachers Union

It’s easy to lump individuals together in a group based on one specific characteristic. How many people have been cut off in traffic by someone with a California license plate, and then blasted those “California drivers”? Generalizations are especially prevalent in politics. Who’s heard that rural Nevada is conservative, but Las Vegas is liberal? Or that rednecks vote … [Read more...]

Renewable Energy Delivers Benefits to Nevada

The benefits of clean, low-cost, renewable energy are becoming apparent throughout the U.S. companies pride themselves on providing clean energy.

The tremendous benefits of clean, low-cost, renewable energy are becoming increasingly apparent throughout the U.S. Solar companies pride themselves on providing clean energy to a variety of customers, including business and homeowners, rural and tribal clients, as well as the non-profit, public, low-income and educational sectors. For example, last month Black Rock Solar … [Read more...]

The Medical Marijuana Program in Nevada: An Update on Establishment Applications

On June 12, 2013, Governor Brian Sandoval signed legislation authorizing the sale of medical marijuana in Nevada.

On June 12, 2013, Governor Brian Sandoval signed legislation authorizing the sale of marijuana in Nevada for medicinal purposes. The historic legislation allows cardholders and caregivers to legally purchase marijuana for medicinal use. Using marijuana for medicinal purposes has been legal in Nevada since 2001; however cardholders and caregivers have had to grow their own … [Read more...]

Nevada Real Estate & Development Report: May 2014

Read the Nevada Real Estate and Development Report: May 2014 - Commercial real estate and development - projects, sales, and leases.

E Project, Industrial ADDRESS 400 S. Seventh St., 89101 DETAILS The Korte Company completed the Robert T. Eglet Advocacy Center in Downtown Las Vegas. The $17.5 million three-story building covers 96,875 SF with office space occupying a little over 47,600 SF. The architect for the project was Design Cell Architecture. H Sale, Industrial ADDRESS 1175 Center Point Dr., … [Read more...]

Industrial Summary: First Quarter 2014

Southern Nevada The Las Vegas industrial market continued to witness substantial demand in the first quarter of 2014. The sector’s vacancy rate fell to 12.2 percent during the period, which is down 0.8 percentage points from the prior quarter. Compared to a year ago, vacancies are down an even more dramatic 2.8 percentage points. The industrial market vacancy rate has … [Read more...]

Business Indicators: May 2014

Nevada business indicators: May 2014. Includes status of U.S. Nevada, Las Vegas, and Reno economies.

The “third” estimate for fourth quarter 2013 shows U.S. real gross domestic product increasing at an annualized rate of 2.6 percent, higher than the 2.4 percent growth first reported in the “second” estimate. The revision consisted of a larger increase in personal consumption expenditures from third to fourth quarter 2013. Nonresidential fixed investment, net exports and state … [Read more...]

If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be?

Six Nevada executives share what fictional character they would meet if they could.

“Sydney Carton. His last words are a proclamation of hope for the future of mankind. ‘It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.’” Mitchell D. Forman, D.O. | Dean & Professor, Touro University Nevada - “Buffy Summers because she is strong and resourceful and never gives up no matter … [Read more...]