Lessons Learned: Integrity Matters

Successful businesses learned lessons from the recession: they learned to re-think their priorities and they found out who really had integrity.

American businesses are finally emerging from the recession – some of us survived bruised and battered, others didn’t make it and some companies managed to succeed by a combination of business smarts, ruthless cost-cutting and just plain luck. If the value of going through a crisis lies in the lessons we learn from it, maybe… [More…]

Nevada’s Employment Landscape: Drawing on New Opportunities

At its peak, in October 2010, the state’s unemployment rate hit 13.8 percent, and activity in numerous sectors dropped drastically.

It’s been a while now since the start of the nation’s recession that so harshly impacted Nevada. At its peak, in October 2010, the state’s unemployment rate hit 13.8 percent, and activity in numerous sectors dropped drastically. About two years ago, Governor Sandoval called for the creation of 50,000 Nevada jobs by the end of… [More…]

Power Poll 2014: The Bounce Back

The 2014 Power Poll marks the twelfth year executives have weighed in on various issues that affect business for Nevada Business Magazine.

Optimism characterizes the mood of Nevada executives this year. Whether it’s waving goodbye to the recession or already having moved on to bigger and better things, business owners and executives have officially brushed off the oppressive economy and are now working on the bounce back. The 2014 Power Poll marks the twelfth year executives have… [More…]

Industry Focus: Alternative Energy

A group of Nevada’s alternative energy leaders recently met at the offices of City National Bank to discuss the trends and obstacles facing their industry.

Nevada’s alternative energy sector is changing with new projects and regulations as well as the buyout of Nevada’s major utility. Industry experts are expecting a resurgence of the industry as well as more conservation efforts. Recently, executives representing the alternative energy industry met at the Reno offices of City National Bank to discuss their changing industry. Connie… [More…]

Workin’ Out at Work: Corporate Wellness in Nevada

Read Workin’ Out at Work: Corporate Wellness in Nevada.

Wellness programs are becoming more popular in today’s economy as both employers and employees alike work to keep healthcare costs down. Wellness programs are workplace programs that promote healthy lifestyle choices, offer opportunities to take control of health issues and cut healthcare costs. Programs may include education, athletic opportunities, on-site medical screenings, health coaching and… [More…]

Digging up the Debt: Nevada’s Collections Industry

The Silver State has put the pinch on residents and businesses in recent years, one of the few industries to have thrived has been debt collections.

While a noticeable lack of silver in the Silver State has put the pinch on residents and businesses in recent years, one of the few industries to have thrived has been debt collections. As a result of the state’s heavily touted, sky-high unemployment rates, we’ve seen explosive growth not only in foreclosures but also in… [More…]

Nevada Real Estate & Development Report: March 2014

Read the Nevada Real Estate and Development Report: March 2014 - Commercial real estate and development - projects, sales, and leases.

E Lease, Industrial ADDRESS 4935 Steptoe St. Ste 500, 89122 TENANT Charming Exhibition Inc. LANDLORD Lomas Regency LLC DETAILS 5,850 SF; $22,464 for one year REP (BOTH) Jarrad Katz, CCIM and Galit Kimerling of MDL Group H Project, Office ADDRESS 875 Warm Springs Rd., 89011 DETAILS Cadence, the 2,200-acre planned community in Henderson has begun… [More…]

Eric Dobberstein: Hamrick, Evans & Dobberstein

Meet Eric Dobberstein, Nevada Managing Partner of Hamrick, Evans & Dobberstein.

Nevada Managing Partner Las Vegas http://www.hamricklaw.com/ How did you first get into your profession? I have always had an interest in the law and individual rights. After I got to experience the thrill of doing trial work, I was hooked. If you had to choose another profession, what would it be? Why? It would be as… [More…]

Karen Dallett: Friends of Black Rock – High Rock

Meet Karen Dallett, Executive Director of Friends of Black Rock - High Rock

Executive Director Gerlach http://blackrockdesert.org/ How did you first get into your profession? Conservation, wildlife, habitats, water, air and landscape quality have been the backdrop of my work throughout my lifetime. These are now front burner issues; the knob is on high. If you could stop time, what’s the one moment you’d want to relive over and… [More…]

Kevin Sullivan: Mutual of Omaha Bank

Meet Kevin Sullivan, Reno Market President of Mutual of Omaha Bank

Reno Market President Reno http://www.mutualofomahabank.com/ How did you first get into your profession? Out of college, I was accepted into a Management Candidate program with First Interstate Bank. What do you like most about your industry? I enjoy the interaction and relationships with clients – helping them with their financial needs. It’s rewarding to see their… [More…]

Nevada Celebrates Her Sesquicentennial: 150 Years of Statehood

The Nevada 150 Commission has planned a series of events, gatherings, exhibits and legacy projects to commemorate Nevada’s Sesquicentennial.

By executive order of Governor Brian Sandoval, the Nevada 150 Commission has planned a series of events, gatherings, exhibits and legacy projects to commemorate Nevada’s Sesquicentennial, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the unique contribution of Nevada’s rich culture and history. The yearlong celebration includes official community-based and signature Nevada 150 events, guaranteed to instill pride… [More…]

March 2014: Around the State

Read business news from around Nevada for March 2014.

Las Vegas Metro Chamber Joins the Board of the USTA The Las Vegas Metro Chamber has become the first metropolitan chamber of commerce in the nation to join the board of the United States Travel Association (USTA). The move signals the increased involvement of the chamber in travel and tourism. The USTA engages in a range… [More…]

Dermody Properties

When businessman John Dermody accepted the Nevada franchise for the Philco Appliance Company and relocated his family to Reno in 1950, little did anyone suspect that this move would be the catalyst that created a successful industrial development company, Dermody Properties. Appliances after World War II were like cell phones are today… consumers couldn’t get… [More…]

How Healthy is Nevada?

Here’s the bad news. When it comes to overall health, Nevada ranks in the lower half among all 50 states. That’s according to the 24th annual America’s Health Rankings from United Health Foundation. The report, the longest running of its kind in the country, placed Nevada No. 37 among all 50 states for overall heath,… [More…]

Why Government Shouldn’t Pick Winners and Losers: City Council Considering Plan to Subsidize Private Arena Developer

Imagine watching an NBA game. With the Los Angeles Lakers leading the Boston Celtics 95 to 82 in the fourth quarter, the referees stop the game and award the Celtics 15 of the Lakers’ points and make the score 97 to 80 with the Celtics now leading. That would be outrageous and unjust, wouldn’t it?… [More…]

Office Summary: Fourth Quarter 2013

Southern Nevada The Las Vegas office sector ended 2013 on a somewhat positive note as it reported positive net absorption for the third consecutive quarter. While the vacancy rate remains elevated, the latest period represents a decline of 0.2 percentage points compared to the prior quarter. Compared to a year ago, the rate is down… [More…]

Business Indicators: March 2014

Read Nevada business indicators: March 2014. Includes status of U.S. Nevada, Las Vegas, and Reno economies.

The “advance” estimate for fourth quarter 2013 shows U.S. real gross domestic product increasing at an annualized rate of 3.2 percent, below the 4.1 percent growth experienced during third quarter 2013. Personal consumption expenditures, non-residential fixed investment, net exports and state and local government spending made positive contributions. Federal government spending and residential investment made… [More…]

What is your most prized possession?

Six Nevada executives share what they consider to be their most prized possession.

“My first answer would be my family, but after that I would have to say my bed.  My mattress, sheets and pillows are so wonderful that even when I don’t get my eight hours (due to our hectic schedules) I still feel refreshed.” Stephanie Angold | Founder/Owner, The Find in Reno – “My most prized possession… [More…]