VEA Begins Accepting Applications for Annual Scholarships

PAHRUMP, Nev. – In an effort to support the success of Nevada’s future leaders, Valley Electric Association, Inc. (VEA) has started accepting applications for its annual scholarships. Each year, VEA awards a variety of post-secondary education scholarships to assist the cooperative’s members and their children.

The Pahrump-based cooperative will award six scholarships in 2014, including:

• Two full-time academic scholarships offering $1,000 per year for four consecutive years

• Two full-time vocational/technical scholarships offering $1,000 per year for two consecutive years

• Two part-time continuing education scholarships offering $500 for one year

Interested individuals can obtain scholarship applications from VEA’s website, To be eligible, candidates or their parents or legal guardians must be members of VEA with an active account served by the cooperative. Applicants for the academic and vocational/technical scholarships must also enroll at an accredited educational or training institution as full-time students. Those applying for continuing education scholarships must enroll as part-time students in a declared degree path.

VEA committees will evaluate candidates using a variety of criteria, including membership eligibility, their submissions of a 500-word essay and a 100-word statement of goals, grade point average, a copy of their high school transcript, two letters of recommendation, and school and community involvement.

Following the evaluation process, VEA will announce the 2014 scholarship recipients at the cooperative’s Annual Meeting on April 26, 2014.

“VEA is passionate about supporting the community it serves, and a significant piece of that is helping residents of all ages fulfill their educational goals,” said Dax Whittle, member and communications coordinator for VEA. “Promoting an educated and skilled workforce not only secures a strong future for individual residents, it also strengthens the economic potential of our region as a whole.”

VEA has awarded academic, vocational/technical and continuing education scholarships since 2008. The amount of scholarship awards has grown substantially in recent years, from $1,000 awarded in 2008 to $8,000 awarded in 2012.

About Valley Electric Association, Inc.
Valley Electric Association, Inc. (VEA) is a member-owned nonprofit electric utility headquartered in Pahrump, Nev. While VEA started as a small rural electric utility in 1965, the company now provides service to more than 45,000 people within a vast 6,800-square-mile service area located primarily along the California-Nevada border, with the majority in Nevada. VEA’s service area starts in Sandy Valley, southwest of Las Vegas, and extends north for more than 250 miles to Fish Lake Valley. For more information about VEA, please visit