Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance Releases its Strategic Plan

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) announced several developments related to regional economic development.Plan Calls for a Larger Budget and an Investment Campaign for Economic Development 

(Las Vegas) – The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) announced several developments related to regional economic development.

Among the developments is the release of the LVGEA Strategic Plan to the public. The plan was endorsed unanimously by the LVGEA Executive Committee and calls on the organization to implement four strategic imperatives:

-       Achieve & Maintain Operational Excellence

-       Lead, Facilitate & Steward Economic Development Efforts in the Region

-       Elevate Southern Nevada’s Position as a Global Business Destination

-       Become an Engine of Community Development

The Strategic Plan identifies both short- and long-term goals and performance metrics to track the organization’s progress.  The full strategic plan is available for download on the LVGEA’s website at

“Two years ago, the Southern Nevada community adopted a new vision for economic development with the reorganization of the NDA into LVGEA,” said Glenn Christenson, chairman of the LVGEA Executive Committee. “Today, we are delivering on the new mission and a redefinition of economic development. Over the next few years, the LVGEA will expand its programs and become an engine, not only of economic development, but of community development.”

Christenson continued, “The LVGEA has demonstrated that it can bring business, government, and nonprofit leaders together to solve the really tough issues in our region.  We believe that through adopting a collaborative model for community engagement, our community can tackle the larger systemic issues that hold back our regional economic development.  The LVGEA looks forward to working with our regional partners to make Southern Nevada a truly 21st century community.”

Separately, the LVGEA Executive Committee voted unanimously to endorse a $5.4 million strategic budget for the LVGEA. The budget is the largest in the LVGEA’s history, and funds the priorities of the Strategic Plan.

In order to fund the new strategic budget, the LVGEA announced the kick-off of the Engage Southern Nevada investment campaign. The campaign aims to raise $2.33 million for regional economic development efforts each year for three years.

The Engage Southern Nevada campaign, the Strategic Budget, and the LVGEA Strategic Plan come after a multi-year effort to reform the regional economic development systems in Southern Nevada.  Since its reformation in 2012, the LVGEA has brought on new leadership, doubled the size of its team, and developed partnerships in the Southern Nevada region.  Last week, the LVGEA Executive Committee unanimously endorsed the Strategic Plan and the Investment Campaign.

“This is big news for the region,” said Tom Skancke, president and CEO of the LVGEA. “Over the past 11 months, our organization has worked collaboratively to develop the tools that it will need to succeed in the coming years. We developed a strategic plan, and we passed a strategic budget. Now, we are asking for the community’s help to get us to where we need to be.”

Skancke added, “The Engage Southern Nevada campaign will allow us to develop into a truly global community. With this increased investment, we can elevate Southern Nevada’s position as a global business destination and really start to address some of the systemic deficiencies that hold us back in the community. In the coming months, I will work with leaders in both the public and private sector to ensure that this campaign is a success and that our strategic plans come to fruition.”

To learn more about the Engage Southern Nevada campaign, please send an email to the LVGEA Investor Services Department at

About Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance is a 501(c)6 membership organization dedicated to growing the economy in Southern Nevada through connectivity, community development, and strong business recruitment, retention and outreach.  LVGEA’s vision is to help Southern Nevada residents thrive in a global economy by fostering a more prosperous, diverse and connected regional economy.  For more information, call 702.791.0000 or visit The LVGEA is located in The Rob Roy inNEVation Center in Las Vegas.

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