Killing Jobs to Pay for Education: Nevada’s Free Margin Tax Initiative… Won’t be Free

The Free Margin Tax initiative will be on the 2014 ballot in Nevada. If you’re not familiar with the initiative, you should be.

Since Nevada’s legislature chose to take no action on the Free Margin Tax initiative by the March 15th deadline, this important state issue has been automatically passed on to the 2014 ballot. This means Nevada voters will decide whether or not we need a Free Margin Tax. If you’re not familiar with the initiative, you should be. If passed, a 2 percent margins tax would be … [Read more...]

The Coming Tsunami: Healthcare Reform in Nevada

As healthcare reform moves forward, business leaders across Nevada are adopting a wait-and-see attitude. There is little else they can do.

Amidst dire predictions of monstrous cost increases, and in the wake of President Barack Obama’s recent unilateral (some insist unconstitutional) decision to delay enforcement of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate until after the 2014 elections, business leaders across Nevada are adopting a wait-and-see attitude. There is little else they can do. Across the … [Read more...]

Mind Lock: Protecting Intellectual Property

The biggest mistake companies make when it comes to their intellectual property is failing to fully identify and protect it, experts said.

The biggest mistake companies make when it comes to their intellectual property is failing to fully identify and protect it, experts said. The consequences can be disastrous and expensive. “Intellectual property is becoming more and more important as our economy changes into an idea-based economy from a manufacturing-based one,” said Charles Lombino, an intellectual property … [Read more...]

In the Black: A Look at Retail in Nevada

A Look at Retail in Nevada

Nevada’s retail industry, both from the brokerage and the retailer’s side, is guardedly optimistic. The optimism is driven by general economic indicators coupled with national retailer behaviors and Nevada sales performances in 2012. Let’s Go Shopping When locating stores, retailers look at sales performance in a city. “We’re seeing sales performance continue to increase in … [Read more...]

Healthcare Heroes 2013

View the Nevada Healthcare Heroes 2013 honorees and sponsors. Over 160 Healthcare Heroes have been honored and thousands donated to Nevada schools.

The Healthcare Heroes Legacy Now in its eighth year, Healthcare Heroes began with the dual goal of honoring individuals that excel in healthcare and helping fund scholorships for Nevada’s future healthcare educators. After realizing there wasn’t a program in place to honor individuals that have done amazing things to propel healthcare in the Silver State, Healthcare Heroes was … [Read more...]

Heidi Parker, MA: Immunize Nevada

Meet Heidi Parker, MA - Executive Director of Immunize Nevada in Reno

Executive Director Reno How did you first get into your profession? I completed a graduate internship at a residential shelter for domestic violence victims and their children. While many of the women struggled with leaving their abusers, many also succeeded and went on to live safe and fulfilling lives. I connected with being able to affect … [Read more...]

Marek Biernacinski: Edited by a Pro, LLC

Meet Marek Biernacinski - CEO of Edited by a Pro, LLC in Las Vegas

CEO Las Vegas How did you first get into your profession? I’m a journalist by trade, with the curiosity to match. Language, both spoken and written, is one of mankind’s greatest achievements. It allows the transfer of thought across space and time, and ensuring its clarity as it’s communicated is vital to the progression of mankind. That’s … [Read more...]

Jack Luna: Tronox LLC

Meet Jack Luna - Production Manager, Tronox LLC in Henderson

Production Manager Henderson How did you first get into your profession? My best subjects in high school were math and science, which led me to pursue an engineering degree. Once I started college, I decided on chemical engineering, as I had a scholarship with that department. I liked it enough to go on to earn a master’s degree. What business … [Read more...]

September 2013: Around the State

Nevada business news - September 2013: Around the State

Home Prices Rise for 18th Month in a Row According to the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GLVAR), Southern Nevada home prices have been on the rise for 18 straight months. In fact, home prices are 35.3 percent higher than they were a year ago. The average home price bottomed out in January of 2012 at $118,000 and is now up to $180,000 and rising faster than anywhere … [Read more...]

JAG Program Implemented In Nevada to Address High School Drop-Out Crisis

As Nevada continues to diversify our economy and get our fellow citizens back to work, we believe that the discussion about the outlook of Nevada’s future must begin with the state of our education system. The number of high school drop-outs in our state remains at staggering proportions and the unemployment rate for youth stands at 17.3 percent. We cannot continue to accept … [Read more...]

Nevada Real Estate & Development Report: September 2013

Nevada ReD Report September 2013: Commercial real estate and development - projects, sales, and leases.

Projects Las Vegas, 89129 Government J.A. Tiberti Construction has completed renovations on the Durango Hills Water Resource Center. Facility improvements totaled $9.1 million and included construction of two new 8,800 SF structures. The water center was kept open during the 13-month project. MWH Americas served as architect of record. The facility is located at 3271 N. … [Read more...]

Office Summary: Second Quarter 2013

A look at the Nevada commercial real estate office market summary: Second Quarter 2013.

Southern Nevada The office sector vacancy rate fell slightly during the second quarter of 2013, but remains elevated. The rate fell to 26.0 percent by the end of the quarter, down 20 basis points (0.2 percentage points) compared to the prior quarter (Q1 2013). However, compared to a year ago (Q2 2012), the vacancy rate remains up 40 basis points (0.4 percentage points). The … [Read more...]

September 2013: Business Indicators

A look at September 2013 Business Indicators for the U.S., Nevada, Las Vegas, and Reno.

Estimates for second quarter 2013 show U.S. real gross domestic product increasing at an annualized rate of 1.7 percent, an improvement over the 1.1 percent growth experienced in first quarter 2013. Federal government spending and net exports made negative contributions. Personal consumption expenditures, private inventory investment, business fixed investment, residential … [Read more...]

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Nevada business professionals answer the question: What is your biggest pet peeve?

“A press release is not the Holy Grail of a communications plan. There are many tools, especially online, to really make a public relations campaign a success and often times a traditional, long, boring press release is not the answer.” Solveig Raftery • President & CEO, The Firm Public Relations & Marketing “Top pet peeves are people who are always unhappy, poor … [Read more...]