North Las Vegas’ Eminent Domain Scheme: Well-Meaning, but Dangerous

North Las Vegas' eminent domain is wrong on so many levels. It violates the Nevada Property Owners’ Bill of Rights.

San Francisco-based Mortgage Resolution Partners (MRP) has been pitching a scheme to get distressed cities to use their right of eminent domain to seize underwater homes and pay MRP to help restructure the mortgages. They tried and failed in several cities before finding a receptive audience in North Las Vegas. Naturally, city officials want to help their constituents, who have … [Read more...]

How We Stack Up: Ranking Nevada

Although economic indicators seem to be moving up, Nevada is still plagued with ongoing social problems like the quality of education systems.

The Nevada economy is showing more positive signs in 2013 than it did last year, especially in critical indicators like unemployment and housing.  While many Nevadans still fear that the light at the end of the tunnel may be an oncoming train, there are hopeful signs that travel and tourism are gradually rebounding, more Nevadans are finding work, and fewer homes are being … [Read more...]

Creating New Opportunities: Executive Education in Nevada

Nevada offers various executive educations opportunities, from courses to degrees designed specifically for middle to upper management.

In today’s competitive job market and with evolving technologies, it’s not unusual for corporate executives to pursue additional education, whether to increase their knowledge in specific areas, update or acquire skills, discover new trends or even learn new management styles. Nevada offers various academic opportunities, from courses to degrees, some of them new, designed … [Read more...]

Industry Focus: Telecommunications

Telecommunications executives met at the office of City National Bank to discuss the need to stay current amidst technology overload.

With the threat of cyber attacks at an all time high and transition to Cloud storage becoming more common, the telecommunications industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Recently, telecommunications executives representing companies throughout the industry met at the office of City National Bank to discuss the need to stay current amidst technology overload. Connie Brennan, … [Read more...]

Heart of Our Cities: A Look at Nevada Downtowns

A healthy center reflects a healthy community. For a city to thrive and prosper, downtown needs to be a draw for visitors and residents alike.

Downtown is the heart of a city. Traditional wisdom states that a healthy center reflects a healthy community. For a city to thrive and prosper, downtown needs to be a draw for visitors and residents alike. Economically, a robust, vital midtown attracts businesses, which in turn employ residents and pumps money into the economy. A healthy downtown creates sustainability, as … [Read more...]

Mike Hix: First Independent Bank

Meet Mike Hix: Senior Vice President, First Independent Bank

Senior Vice President Reno, Sparks, Carson City & Fallon How did you first get into your profession? I actually started out in banking over 32 years ago as a collector, which included sometimes having to repossess cars. It helped to teach me how to deal with folks in very difficult situations and gave me an excellent behind the … [Read more...]

Thomas J. Powell: NorthMarq Capital

Meet Thomas J. Powell: Managing Director/Structured Finance, NorthMarq Capital

Managing Director/Structured Finance Las Vegas How did you first get into your profession? I began my career with Wells Fargo Bank when I was recruited in 1988 for a management position in business banking for the Silicon Valley market. I was instrumental in the development and initial application of Wells Fargo’s officer sales training … [Read more...]

Wayne Tew: Clark County Credit Union

Meet Wayne Tew: President/CEO, Clark County Credit Union

President/CEO Clark County How did you first get into your profession? When I left public accounting, I was working as a controller for a small data processing firm when a credit union CEO approached me and asked if I would come and work for him as vice president and controller. I accepted his offer and have been in credit unions ever … [Read more...]

31 Percent of Nevada Workers Want to Leave Their Unions

Union Restrictions Make it Difficult for Members to Opt Out Have you ever been trapped? Maybe you were stuck in traffic without A/C on a blistering summer day. Maybe an elevator door took three beats too long to open. Maybe you squeezed into clothes that were just a bit too tight and constricted your movements. Being trapped is a terrible feeling. You feel stuck, isolated … [Read more...]

So You’re Aging, Now What?

Age Management Medicine is another approach and interestingly it started right here in Nevada 15 years ago.

Many of you now reading this are over 40 and beginning to notice the signs of aging. You may have put on a few extra pounds, especially around the middle. You may notice that your energy is way down, stress is up and short term memory is declining (where did I leave those keys?) You may also have some trouble sleeping and can be a bit moody. Of course, it’s also concerning that … [Read more...]

Nevada Real Estate & Development Report: August 2013

Nevada ReD Report July 2013: Commercial real estate and development - projects, sales, and leases.

Projects Las Vegas, 89128 Hospital Mountain View Hospital has completed construction on the second phase of an emergency room expansion project. The expanded emergency room doubled the size of the previous space and will now house 42 private beds for patients. The expansion provided a “Fast Track” Care and Triage area to quickly assess patients by triage nurses. Construction … [Read more...]

Industrial Summary: Second Quarter 2013

A look at the Nevada commercial real estate industrial summary: Second Quarter 2013.

Southern Nevada The Las Vegas industrial market vacancy rate fell to 16.2 percent, which is its lowest level in more than two years. Compared to the prior quarter (Q1 2013), the vacancy rate fell 30 basis points (0.3 percentage points), while it is down 130 basis points (1.3 percentage points) from the prior year period (Q2 2012). Three projects totaling 422,100 square feet … [Read more...]

August 2013: Business Indicators

A look at August 2013 Business Indicators for the U.S., Nevada, Las Vegas, and Reno.

The “third” estimate for first quarter 2013 show U.S. real GDP increasing at an annualized rate of 1.8 percent, an improvement over the 0.4 percent growth experienced in fourth quarter 2012. Federal government spending, net exports and state and local government spending all made negative contributions while personal consumption expenditures, private inventory investment, … [Read more...]

August 2013: Around the State

Nevdada business news - August 2013: Around the State

Clark County Implements 10-digit Dialing and Gets a New Area Code As of the third of this month, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of Nevada has implemented 10-digit dialing. Additionally, next year the PUC will roll out a new 725 area code for the county. According to the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA), the 702 area code will be exhausted by the … [Read more...]

What is your greatest concern regarding the Affordable Care Act?

Six Nevada decision makers share their greatest concerns regarding the Affordable Care Act.

“My main concern is insurance rates.  The goal of ObamaCare was to get more people covered at affordable costs. However, with mandates, rating changes, etc going into effect next year it does not appear insurance rates will be going down anytime soon – especially for the younger, healthy population who we need in the risk pool!” Melissa Davies, RHU • Benefit Solutions … [Read more...]