Debbie Kluska Named Collections Manager for Nevada Association Services, Inc.

Debbie Kluska
Debbie Kluska

Nevada Association Services, Inc. named Debbie Kluska Collections Manager.

Kluska became interested in homeowners associations when she relocated to Las Vegas in 1996.

She began working as an administrative assistant for Nevada Association Services, Inc. in August, 2000, learning the ins and outs of collections for community associations.

The more she learned the more her role at the company grew, from trustee sales officer to her most recent position as collections supervisor. .

In that time she has also worked closely to resolve issues with debtors, community managers and homeowners association board members.

Kluska’s job involves overseeing collections staff, upgrading systems and technology and administering customer service policies. In addition she regularly represents Nevada Association Services, Inc. at functions and HOA board meetings.

Kluska resides in an HOA with her family.

Prior to joining Nevada Association Services, Kluska spent four years working as an onsite manager at Painted Desert Community Association..

Her background also includes serving as an office manager in the fashion industry in Great Neck, New York, working on sales campaigns and helping to market products. She also handled payroll, insurance, correspondence and accounts payable.

Nevada Association Services, Inc. ( is a licensed collections agency and assessment collections firm serving homeowners associations and community managers throughout the state. The company specializes in the non-judicial foreclosure process.