Kent Sasse, MD: Sasse Surgical

Meet Kent Sasse, MD: Sasse SurgicalMedical Doctor

How did you first get into your profession?

I excelled in science and math in school, and then found a passion for making surgery less invasive with emerging technology while I was a medical student and later a Resident at U.C. San Francisco.

What would you want your legacy to future generations to be?

That I helped many individuals in Nevada through their illnesses and health conditions and allowed them to live longer, fuller lives. I’d also like to have advanced the fields of cancer surgery, hernia surgery and obesity treatment through collaborative efforts with the University of Nevada and regional leaders.

What was the toughest lesson you’ve learned in your career?

That we do not have the ability to help every person and solve every problem, and in some cases, our efforts to help end up causing new problems. It leads to a healthy appreciation for the fact that we must be as careful as humanly possible.