Family Owned Business 2013

The backbone of the economy, family owned businesses are an integral part of Nevada’s economic landscape.Congratulations to the 2013 Family Owned Business Finalists

The backbone of the economy, family owned and entrepreneurial businesses are an integral part of Nevada’s economic landscape. It is important to recognize the achievements of these outstanding companies. Nevada Business Magazine acknowledges the hard work, late hours and personal sacrifices these owners make and applauds them for their ingenuity and perseverance. For family owned companies, it’s not just about business; for them it’s personal and takes the support of their communities, families and friends.

From companies that endure in the face of hardship to businesses that continue to thrive, the organizations featured in this special report represent a diverse group of individuals. Family owned businesses are defined by the risks they take and their commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit. These companies are invested in the Silver State and give back to the communities they’ve set-up shop in.

There were nearly 500 nominees for the Family Owned Business Awards this year, making selecting just a handful of companies difficult for the judges. After much deliberation, the list was narrowed down to 30 finalists in Southern Nevada and 30 in Northern Nevada, each of whom have displayed resilience and forward thinking.

Nevada Business Magazine praises the efforts of these businesses and recognizes there is no shortage of businesses in Nevada deserving of a Family Owned Business Award. Congratulations to the 2013 Family Owned Business nominees and a big “Thank You!” to small businesses throughout the state for their hard work and commitment to Nevada.

And finally, a very special “Thank You” to our corporate sponsor, Nevada State Bank, who shares our commitment to family owned businesses across the state. They have proven to be great partners and without their support this event would not have been possible.


A special thank you to our distinguished panel of judges for their work in identifying this year’s finalists out of hundreds of nominees and for the unenviable task of choosing this year’s winners.

Dave Archer, Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

Jana Benton, Nevada State Bank

Connie Brennan, Nevada Business Magazine

Ed Cadena, United States Small Business Administration

Cassaundra Johnson, Nevada State Bank

Nancy McCormick, Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada

Tom Skancke, Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance

Patty Wade, Wade Development


A business, less than 10 years old, in the first generation of succession with expectations for future generations to run the company.


Todd Coburn  Gamer BaseballTodd Coburn
Gamer Baseball

Year Established: 2006

After a career in professional baseball, Todd Coburn formed Gamer Baseball as a way to make a positive impact on kids’ lives. Today Todd hosts camps, clinics and lessons throughout Northern Nevada. His wife Chyrsee serves as secretary and accountant and his mother Char as research director for the business.

Justin, Cindy, Jim & Brandon Crowell Sierra Gold SeafoodJustin, Cindy, Jim & Brandon Crowell
Sierra Gold Seafood
Year Established: 2006

Sierra Gold Seafood was founded with the knowledge and experience of Jim Crowell who has been in the business since he was 14.  He formed the company with his wife, Cindy, and their two children Brandon and Justin. Today, the food distribution company is looking to branch out into new opportunities in the market.

Kasey & Christian Christensen SüpKasey & Christian Christensen
Year Established: 2007

With a combined 34 years in the culinary field, Christian and Kasey Christensen, know a thing or two about food. They formed Süp after years of working together as private chefs. After moving to a larger location, the restaurant has continued to grow and is currently working on bottling their salad dressings for retail sale.


Leslie Valdes Abuela’s TacosLeslie Valdes
Abuela’s Tacos
Year Established: 2011

Leslie Valdes found a unique way to honor her grandmother; she formed a restaurant. Leslie and her business partner, Jaime Gomez have made Abuela’s (Spanish for grandmother) a place that honors the traditions of the past. She works there with her mother, Mary Ramirez, and her daughter, Tatiana Chavez.

Stuart Litjens Boulder Boat BrokersStuart Litjens
Boulder Boat Brokers
Year Established: 2004

Stuart Litjens founded Boulder Boat Brokers with the hope of transferring his love of boating and pleasure cruising to other families. As the business grew, so did Stuart’s family; he now works with his wife Kristina and hopes their three children will carry on the business in the future.

Marc & Jill Abelman Inside Style Home and DesignMarc & Jill Abelman
Inside Style Home and Design
Year Established: 2004

Marc and Jill Abelman believe in doing what is right. That’s why, when a former business partner stole from the company, they stuck it out, paid the debt and formed Inside Style. Today their integrity has paid off with a devoted customer base. Truly a family business, the couples young daughters help as well.

Don’t Forget to Share

A business that has made significant contributions to the community and prides itself on giving back.


Michael C. Dermody Dermody PropertiesMichael C. Dermody
Dermody Properties
Year Established: 1960

Michael Dermody has a long-held belief in the importance of community giving.  He’s taken that belief and included it in Dermody Properties’ core values leading to the formation of the Dermody Properties Foundation.  The foundation is employee managed and supports several worthwhile non-profits in the community.

Brady & Ryan Dolan Dolan Auto GroupBrady & Ryan Dolan
Dolan Auto Group
Year Established: 1982

For Tom Dolan, founder of Dolan Auto Group, giving is a priority.  He has ensured his children, Ryan, Brady and Danielle, understand the importance of giving back as well.  Today, the organization makes several donations to many area causes, education in particular, and encourages employees to get involved as well.

Rick, Jack & Ted Reviglio Western Nevada SupplyRick, Jack & Ted Reviglio
Western Nevada Supply
Year Established: 1964

“The needs of the customers, employees and the community are upper-most at all times.” That is Western Nevada Supply’s philosophy. The company, founded by Jack Reviglio and Bill Higgins, supports over 350 non-profits.  Additionally, the company provides jobs for local youths who work part-time at the organziation.


Bob & Janet Combs R.C. Farms Inc.Bob & Janet Combs
R.C. Farms Inc.
Year Established: 1963

R.C. Farms, a well-known pig farm in Las Vegas, was founded by Bob Combs when his father encouraged him to relocate his family to the area after noticing all the food scraps going to waste.  The resulting farm is now heavily invested in the community and supports such charities as Opportuniity Village and Cops for Kids.

Tim Cashman & Donald Andress Red Rock Harley DavidsonTim Cashman & Donald Andress
Red Rock Harley Davidson
Year Established: 2000

Red Rock Harley Davidson is no stranger to community giving. A major supporter of many of Southern Nevada’s non-profits, the owners share a deep commitment to giving back to the community. They are working on opening a new location on Las Vegas Blvd.

Dave Oder, Stephanie & Tom Stowers, JD Oder Shift4 CorporationDave Oder, Stephanie & Tom Stowers, JD Oder
Shift4 Corporation
Year Established: 1994

“Las Vegas has been very, very good to us,” says Dave Oder, CEO of Shift4.  The tremendous growth the organization has experienced is a testament to that.  Dave and his family recognize the debt they owe the community and are supportors of organizations such as St. Jude’s and Three Square Las Vegas.

When the Going Gets Tough...

A business that foresaw the economic downturn and made changes to adapt to what was sure to be tough times.


Donald & Alberta “Birdie” Morrison Morrison Family FarmsDonald & Alberta “Birdie” Morrison
Morrison Family Farms
Year Established: 1960

Morrison Family Farms has been in Eureka for over 50 years.  Owners, Donald and Bertie Morrison have worked through both good times and bad in the small community. With an uncertain market and new regulations, the farm continues to thrive. Today, the farm has been taken over by their two sons, Matt and Lloyd.

Chris & Norm Dianda Q&D ConstructionChris & Norm Dianda
Q&D Construction
Year Established: 1964

Norm Dianda founded Q&D Construction with a friend, Lawrence Quadrio, when he was only 25.  With a nearly 50 year history in Nevada, the organization has seen it’s fair share of ups and downs.  With the downturn, construction jobs were by no-means certain and yet, the company has managed to adjust to difficult times.

Nathan & Wally Robison Robison Engineering CompanyNathan & Wally Robison
Robison Engineering Company
Year Established: 1985

Taking care of clients, prudent financing and a willingness to re-invent themselves as necessary has been Robison Engineering’s saving grace. The organization has worked to stay ahead of a constantly changing industry by continually adjusting their business model and researching new revenue streams.


Rod & Meg Fair Lake Mead CruisesRod & Meg Fair
Lake Mead Cruises
Year Established: 1987

For Lake Mead Cruises, the recession, additional security restrictions and Lake Mead’s lowering water levels have all combined to make business difficult. Yet, the company has managed to perservere through smart reorganizing.  Today, owners Rod and Meg have every expectation of a bright future for the company.

Christian, M’Recia & Charles Clawson, Tyler Ritchie Noble TitleChristian, M’Recia & Charles Clawson, Tyler Ritchie
Noble Title
Year Established: 2007

Nearly every company involved with commercial real estate has experienced some level of cutbacks.  This didn’t stop Charles Clawson, who launched Noble Title shortly after the beginning of the recession.  It worked for him and the organization has managed to thrive by staying lean and working within their means.

Bob Ansara Ricardo’s Mexican RestaurantBob Ansara
Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant
Year Established: 1978

Like many restaurants in Nevada, Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant has felt the effects of the economy. The company has seen a significant drop in revenue but has managed to hang on through the lean years.  Owners Bob Ansara and Dick Wade give credit to their team for staying loyal even in lean times.


A business that has made significant efforts to go green within their organization and to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.


Peter Gunnerman Advanced Refining ConceptsPeter Gunnerman
Advanced Refining Concepts
Year Established: 2008

Dr. Rudolf Gunnerman, who founded Advanced Refining Concepts with his son Peter, likes to say that he’s been working on green energies, “before it was cool.”  Recognizing the long-term benefits of going “green”, the owners hope that their efforts will propel Nevada to the top of the clean energy movement.

Shelly Egbert & Summer Powelson Black Rock Mud CompanyShelly Egbert & Summer Powelson
Black Rock Mud Company
Year Established: 2010

Recognizing the cosmetic benefits of mud, Shelly and Summer harvest, package and promote this all natural product from their own backyard in Gerlach on the Black Rock Desert.  They’ve also incorporated green practices within their organization and encourage other companies to do the same.

Reg Willison Have Lights Will TravelReg Willison
Have Lights Will Travel
Year Established: 1979

In addition to in-house recycling, Have Lights Will Travel also manages to ensure their clients recycle as well. A lighting company that provides bulbs and fixtures, Reg Willison, founder and owner, also recyles all the florescent and HID light bulbs from his customer’s businesses. He also strives to use repurposed items.


Alex & Susan Cordier Assured Document DestructionAlex & Susan Cordier
Assured Document Destruction
Year Established: 2000

Alex and Susan Cordier, the husband and wife team behind Assured Document Destruction, believes that a key to success is being good stewards of our environment.  The company provides certificates to companies showing how many trees they save by using their services.

Stephen Farr Practical Renewable Energy CorporationStephen Farr
Practical Renewable Energy Corporation
Year Established: 2010

Stephen Farr and his wife Liu Ying believe in energy efficiency; they’ve built their entire business around it.  The company’s team has over 50 years of experience in energy efficiency and installs A/C units for both commercial and residential locations that help reduce the strain on the environment through saving energy.

Danielle Basson & Sonia Ayala Simple Environmental Services GroupDanielle Basson & Sonia Ayala
Simple Environmental Services Group
Year Established: 2008

The Basson’s, Ayala’s and their family members, many of whom work for Simple ESG, recognize the importance of conserving the environment. The company works to educate their clients on “green” practices and the benefits of recycling.  They strive to help make Las Vegas a clean, safe place for future generations.

Swimming Upstream


Cherie Fisher B & J, Inc.Cherie Fisher
B & J, Inc.
Year Established: 1972

Last year, Cherie Fisher took over B & J, Inc. from her parents, Jay and Bonnie Thiessens. The company provides machining, sheet metal and powder coating solutions. This field is sometimes challenging for women leaders. Nevertheless, Cherie, with the support of her husband Gregg, is building on her parent’s legacy.

Katie Knapp Bumblebee Blooms Flower BoutiqueKatie Knapp
Bumblebee Blooms Flower Boutique
Year Established: 2011

There are many challenges in owning a small business; those challenges triple when competing with large online retail industries. Katie Knapp learned this first hand when she opened Bumblebee Blooms. Even so, Katie has put her marketing background to good use and the flower shop is flourishing.

Kunall Patel & Promilla Mohan Davidson’s OrganicsKunall Patel & Promilla Mohan
Davidson’s Organics
Year Established: 1976

Davidson’s Organics started humbly, in a small garage in Reno. Today, the company is incredibly successful, having doubled their sales and customer base over the past five years. Owners Kunall Patel and Promilla Mohan have worked hard to educate others that their Asian Indian heritage is an asset in the organic tea field.


Vanessa Jimenez Best Bath Installation & RepairsVanessa Jimenez
Best Bath Installation & Repairs
Year Established: 2007

After 21 years doing business as D-Best Tub/Shower Installation & Repairs, Daniel & Connie Jimenez were contemplating closure of the business due to the slow-down in construction. In 2007, their daughter Vanessa, learned the business from the ground-up under the tutelage for her parents and formed Best Bath.

Alex & Orlando De Castroverde De Castroverde Law GroupAlex & Orlando De Castroverde
De Castroverde Law Group
Year Established: 2005

Alex and Orlando De Castroverde, first generation Cuban-Americans, learned the legal business early by assisting their attorney father, Waldo, in his practice. When they founded De Castroverde Law Group, their primary customer base was the Hispanic community. The firm has expanded and now serves all of Southern Nevada.

Christine DeLessio & Christina DeLessio-Sapone Step Up Academy of the ArtsChristine DeLessio & Christina DeLessio-Sapone
Step Up Academy of the Arts
Year Established: 2010

Christine & Christina Delessio, a mother-daughter team, opened Step Up Academy with a mission of teaching dance, and instilling values of hard work, dedication, respect and loyalty.  In addition to traditional dance classes, the nationally ranked studio specializes in movement for special needs children; the first of its kind.

It’s Good to be on Top

A business that is at the top of its game, doing better than ever.


Bob Smith Buzzard TruckingBob Smith
Buzzard Trucking
Year Established: 2006

Don, Greg and Diana Kennedy took a big risk when they decided to strike out on their own and open Buzzard Trucking. That risk paid off. By listening to the needs of their customers and focusing on some of Northern Nevada’s more out-of-the-way locations, they’ve found just the right niche for their trucking company.

Susan E. Mazer Healing Healthcare SystemsSusan E. Mazer
Healing Healthcare Systems
Year Established: 1992

Healing HealthCare Systems mission is to provide music and nurturing to patients at their bedside. Susan Mazer had a history in the music busines and knew the healing effects of music. What grew from that mission is the CARE Channel (Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment) which provides 24-hour relaxation to patients.

Cindy & Dean Conley Lamoille FencingCindy & Dean Conley
Lamoille Fencing
Year Established: 2006

Owners Dean and Cindy Conley attribute their success to the team effort by their employees. It’s no small success either. The fencing company, named for its location, has grown 100 percent over the past five years. Dean and Cindy plan on continually growing the company and maintaining its repuation for quality.


Bunkie, John, Ally & Craig Estey Dotty’s Spirits and GamingBunkie, John, Ally & Craig Estey
Dotty’s Spirits and Gaming
Year Established: 1995

With all three of his children (Bunkie, Ally and John) involved in the business, Craig Estey has created a gaming alternative for locals. Established in 1995, six locations were opened in the first year.   In the last five years, 45 locations have been added in Nevada with plans to open twelve new facilities this year.

Gino, Mimmo & Rosalba Ferraro Ferraro’s Italian RestaurantGino, Mimmo & Rosalba Ferraro
Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant
Year Established: 1985

Native Italian Gino Ferraro and his wife Rosalba founded what has become a Vegas icon in 1985. The award winning restaurant features authentic Italian fine dining with family recipes. The expansive selection of Italian wines, which are housed in a 16,000-bottle on-premises wine cellar, has received numerous industry awards.

Marlene & Troy Winkel The Honest PlumberMarlene & Troy Winkel
The Honest Plumber
Year Established: 2000

Established in 2000 with one truck and one plumber, the Honest Plumber has grown to over 20 employees and more than $3 million in gross revenue.  Owners Troy and Marlene Winkel are joined by their son, Terrin as well as Marlene’s brother, Mark Fujita and her mother Debby.

The More the Merrier

A business that has 50 employees or more.


Jack Stanko, Sr. Champion ChevroletJack Stanko, Sr.
Champion Chevrolet
Year Established: 1988

Jack, Sr., Jack Jr. and Betty Stanko, owners of Champion Chevrolet, employ 120 people. They strive to treat each of their employees like family and have a genuine hope that each of them are successful in their careers. The company hopes to continue growing and has just completed an extensive remodel.

Michonne, John & Stephen Ascuaga John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino ResortMichonne, John & Stephen Ascuaga
John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort
Year Established: 1955

John Ascuaga’s Nugget is a staple in Northern Nevada. With more than 1,400 employees, owners John, Michonne and Stephen Ascuaga believe that hands-on dedication is their key to success. They are involved in the day-to-day business operations and recognize and appreciate the hard work of their employees.

Rick Ackerson No Place Like Home Senior CareRick Ackerson
No Place Like Home Senior Care
Year Established: 2010

Rick Ackerson formed No Place Like Home in memory of his grandmother, Joyce. The resulting senior living and caregiver organization has been a tribute to her. Today, Rick treats each of his employees like family and he only hires caregivers if he would be comfortable with them caring for of his mom or grandmother.


Mark & Billy Blackwell Bilmar Landscape IndustriesMark & Billy Blackwell
Bilmar Landscape Industries
Year Established: 1996

Founded by brothers Billy and Mark Blackwell, Bilmar Landscape has grown from a small operation based in a family garage to approximately 100 employees serving over 300 homeowners associations in Southern Nevada.  The company philosophy is “we are in the people business and our byproduct is landscape maintenance.”

Carol Levins Creative Kids Learning CentersCarol Levins
Creative Kids Learning Centers
Year Established: 1980

Founded in 1980 by owner Carol Levins, Creative Kids has grown to become the state’s largest family-owned child care center chain in Nevada.  The company operates eight centers and employs over 160 people.  Carol’s son, Jared Hall, and daughter, Heather Jones, are both involved in the business.

Teri & Rick Brenkus Keller Williams RealtyTeri & Rick Brenkus
Keller Williams Realty
The Marketplace
Year Established: 2005

Rick and Teri Brenkus joined Keller Williams Realty as agents in 1998 and purchased the two local franchises in 2005. The company now employs over 175 people in its Green Valley and Summerlin offices. The couple has adopted a “hands-on” approach to both the business and the rearing of their three children.

Wave of the Future


Joli McAnany Imagine TechnologiesJoli McAnany
Imagine Technologies
Year Established: 2000

What started as IT training classes turned into a full-time business for Joli McAnany. As she began to get more requests for support from the Reno community, she recognized that she had valuable information to offer and a company was born. Today, Joli, working out of Elko, provides support for a broad range of clients.

Jodie Andersen JoDog Safety InnovationsJodie Andersen
JoDog Safety Innovations
Year Established: 2005

A product development company, JoDog Safety Innovations is the brain-child of Jodie Andersen. After launching an invention by her brother-in-law, Douglas Collins, Jodie recognized a need for inventions that increase workplace safety. Today she seeks out these inventions and works to market and distribute them.

Season & Jarrod Lopiccolo Noble StudiosSeason & Jarrod Lopiccolo
Noble Studios
Year Established: 2003

Husband and wife team, Jarrod and Season Lopiccolo founded Noble Studios with one principle; passion. Starting out with a single laptop the two have seen incredible growth over the past couple of years. The company specializes in the use of technology to improve the marketing efforts of their clients.


Shelly, Matt, Isabel & Anya Hutchings Dolomite TechnologyShelly, Matt, Isabel & Anya Hutchings
Dolomite Technology
Year Established: 1995

Providing IT solutions in Southern Nevada since 1992, Dolomite Technology expanded in 2001 with investments from eight family members. Owners Matthew and Rebecca Hutchinson provide free technology classes to help business and residential clients and are committed to the community they serve.

Adriana & Carlos Banchik Innova TechnologiesAdriana & Carlos Banchik
Innova Technologies
Year Established: 2003

Founded by Carlos and Adriana Banchik, the engineering firm couples numerous technology tools with sound engineering principles. It is one of a handful of firms throughout the nation that uses Sofistik, a German software program, for analysis, design and detailing for building projects.

Christy Stevens, Craig & Susan Miller PictographicsChristy Stevens, Craig & Susan Miller
Year Established: 1994

Craig and Susan Miller, along with their daughter Christy Stevens, founded the large format digital print business. Initially, interior casino signage was the company’s primary product. Today over 90 percent of its business is out-of-market. The company provides total visual solutions utilizing dozens of technologies.

Change is Good

A business that has moved on to the second generation, or further, and has successfully utilized the younger generation’s ideas.


Karyn Murray & Katie Osgood Brookfield SchoolKaryn Murray & Katie Osgood
Brookfield School
Year Established: 1972

Jointly owned and operated by sisters Karyn Murray and Katie Osgood, Brookfield School is a true family school. Their mother, Marian Osgood, retired in 2004. The school today is rated in the top 15th percentile in the nation and the sisters are passionate about working with Nevada’s future leaders.

David Lorenz Michael & Son’s Fine JewelryDavid Lorenz
Michael & Son’s Fine Jewelry
Year Established: 1983

Founded by Michael & Mary Lorenz on the Reno Sparks Indian Colony, Michael & Son’s today is owned by David & Shannon Lorenz. David is proud of the legacy he inherited from his parents and the business continues to grow. Having been raised in the jewelry business, he hopes to one day pass the business on to his children.

Tammy Dermody Walton’s Funerals & CremationsTammy Dermody
Walton’s Funerals & Cremations
Year Established: 1959

Tammy Dermody followed in her father’s footsteps when she decided to run the funeral home he devoted his career to. Over the last five decades, Walton’s has become a household name in the Reno-Tahoe area. Tammy has helped the family business grow from only one location to eight funeral homes throughout the area.


Marilyn Rozak Carpets GaloreMarilyn Rozak
Carpets Galore
Year Established: 1982

Founded in 1982 by Bernard and Marilyn Rozak, the couple’s children now work in the business. Their son John, is currently manager. He has changed the company’s business model by utilizing the technology of the internet to address the changing way people purchase carpet.

Josh & Jackie Duggan JJ’s Rooter Plumbing & PumpingJosh & Jackie Duggan
JJ’s Rooter Plumbing & Pumping
Year Established: 1977

The original JJ’s Rooter Service was founded by James Duggan. His youngest son, Joshua and his wife, Jackie, took over the family business in 2011 when Jackie bought out James’ shares. Overcoming set-backs from the economy, the owners are rebuilding the company and are involved in every aspect of its operations.

Justin & Steven Kalb Kalb Industries of NevadaJustin & Steven Kalb
Kalb Industries of Nevada
Year Established: 1972

In its third generation, Kalb Industries is continuing to move forward under the leadership of Justin Kalb. Justin is working to run his family’s business with the same practices put in place by his grandfather more than four decades ago. Additionally, Justin hopes to one day pass the company on to his own son, Hudson.

Wisdom of Age

A business that has been around for over 20 years.


Priscilla & Chris Bender Bender GroupPriscilla & Chris Bender
Bender Group
Year Established: 1945

In the third generation of ownership, Bender Group is continuing the legacy built by the company’s founder. Chris Bender is leading the company to venture into different areas of operation by innovatively adapting to changes in the market. The Bender’s strive to give their employees a “fun place to go to work.”

Karl Hutter Click BondKarl Hutter
Click Bond
Year Established: 1987

Click Bond has created a legacy of success. Charles Hutter, the founder, formed a company that has helped improve the way machines are built and make them more efficient. Charles and his wife, Collie, plan to continue growing the family business and eventually pass it on to their children, Karl and Kate.

Scotty & Tricia Ygoa The Star HotelScotty & Tricia Ygoa
The Star Hotel
Year Established: 1910

The Star Hotel, located in Elko, has become well-known for their commitment to maintaining a family atmosphere. The hotel’s current owners, Scottie and Tricia Ygoa, have kept the legacy alive. The hotel continues to offer the same Basque traditions it was originally founded on.


Tom Jr., Tom Sr. & Neil Guanci Campione D’Italia FoodsTom Jr., Tom Sr. & Neil Guanci
Campione D’Italia Foods
Year Established: 1915

With nearly 100 years of service, Campione D’Italia Foods has a rich history.  The restaurant was founded by Rose and Neil Guanci and is run today by Tom Guanci, Sr., along with his family, Serafina, Neil, Tom Jr. and Kimberly.  The restaurant was started with recipes handed down within the family, preserving a rich Italian history.

Keaton, Keely, Kevin & Kage Kraft Ozzie Kraft PoolsKeaton, Keely, Kevin & Kage Kraft
Ozzie Kraft Pools
Year Established: 1942

Following in his father’s footsteps, Kevin Kraft is leading Ozzie Kraft Pools to continue the tradition of quality and innovative pool designs. Over the last 70 years, the business has earned a pristine reputation. Kevin hopes to continue that legacy by one day passing the company on to his sons, Keaton and Kage.

Jerry, Tim & Troy Herbst Terrible Herbst Oil CompanyJerry, Tim & Troy Herbst
Terrible Herbst Oil Company
Year Established: 1937

Jerry Herbst has turned his passion for providing quality services at affordable prices into a household name in Southern Nevada. Jerry knows his family is an invaluable asset to the company’s growing success. His wife, three sons, nephew and in-laws all hold vital positions within the organization.

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