Teacher’s Health Trust: Putting Teachers at Risk

Lyle Brennan

The Clark County Education Association (a.k.a. teachers union) has once again proved that its leaders care more about their own power than about their members or the community. The latest controversy arose when it was revealed that the health trust created by the union is in dire financial straits. At a closed union meeting on January 29, John Vellardita, executive director of … [Read more...]

Partnerships Wanted: Education Outlook

Nevada Education Outlook: Partnerships Wanted

It would be cynical to say that the future of education in Nevada hinges on money. After all, doesn’t just about everything? Instead, education’s future across the Silver State will have more to do with utility: giving students better tools with which to achieve success, and the private sector, the trained and educated workforce, managers and entrepreneurs it will need to … [Read more...]

The Right Person for the Right Job

Despite the number of people unemployed in the Silver State, hiring the right people for the right positions is important for employers.

What Employers are Offering to Find the Right Employees In January 2000, when unemployment in Nevada stood at 3.8 percent, everyone who wanted a job was working. Retention was key for businesses and if the quality employees that employers wanted to retain requested bright orange walls and a slide in the lunchroom, or wanted to work flex-time hours, employers did what they … [Read more...]

Industry Focus: Alternative Energy

Nevada Industry Focus on Alternative Energy

Nevada’s alternative energy sector has seen a plethora of hills and valleys in recent years. From federal funding challenges to educating the general populace about alternative energy, the sector has seen its share of challenges. Recently, executives representing various alternative energy interests throughout the state met at the Reno offices of City National Bank to discuss … [Read more...]

Risk Management: A Necessary Consideration

The Importance of Risk Management in Business

As president and owner of Heuer Insurance Company in Sparks, Larry Heuer is well aware of the catastrophic losses businesses have the potential to experience if they don’t practice appropriate risk management. As an example of sound risk management, however, he chooses to remember a client who suffered a large loss due to a fire caused by a tenant in one of his upscale … [Read more...]

Special Report: City of Henderson

Today, Henderson is a far cry from the small industrial center it once was. And yet, Nevada’s second largest city still exemplifies the can-do spirit.

Honoring Past Businesses, Recognizing Present Companies & Welcoming Industries of the Future Incorporated in 1953, Henderson, Nev. was born “in America’s defense” with the building of the Basic Magnesium Plant in 1943 during World War II. The plant supplied the U.S. War Department with magnesium for munitions and airplane parts that would eventually help the United States … [Read more...]

April 2013: Around the State

Read Nevada Business News: April 2013 - business news from around Nevada for April 2013.

IRS Announces Over $11 Million in Unclaimed Refunds for Nevadans The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that Nevadans who didn’t file a tax return in 2009 are entitled to over $11 million in unclaimed funds. The agency estimates a median $559 refund is waiting for just over 12,500 individuals in the Silver State. Returns from 2009 must be filed by April 15th of this … [Read more...]

Kaaran Thomas: McDonald Carano Wilson LLP

Meet Kaaran Thomas, Attorney & Author, McDonald Carano Wilson LLP

Attorney & Author Reno http://www.mcdonaldcarano.com/ What is the biggest challenge your industry is facing? The lack of skilled practitioners and judges.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of bankruptcy filings and the complexity of the financial problems they pose.  Congress needs to appoint more bankruptcy judges and the law schools need to turn out more … [Read more...]

Colby Frey: Churchill Vineyards, Frey Ranch

Meet Colby Frey, Owner of Churchill Vineyards, Frey Ranch

Owner Fallon http://churchillvineyards.com/ How did you first get into your profession? I am a fifth generation Nevada farmer. My family owned some of the first deeded property in Nevada. My grandfather bought our farm in 1944 and my dad took it over from him in the 80’s, so it was only a natural fit for me to purchase it from him. You could say farming is in my … [Read more...]

Stop the Acronym Aggravation and Start Making Sense of Cloud Options

Cloud services is a very important emerging business tool for businesses both large and small.

Cloud computing is one of the most transformational trends in business technology right now. Even if you aren’t an expert, chances are cloud computing touches your life multiple times each day. Cloud services is a very important emerging business tool for businesses both large and small. If you use DropBox, Gmail or an online backup service, for example, you’re putting cloud … [Read more...]

Retail Summary: Fourth Quarter 2012

Read the Nevada Retail Summary: Fourth Quarter 2012.

Las Vegas By the end of 2012, vacancies in the retail sector reached their lowest level since the first quarter of 2009. The vacancy rate ended the year at 9.9 percent, down 0.3 percentage points when compared to last quarter (Q3 2012). Compared to a year ago (Q4 2011) the rate is down an even greater 0.7 percentage points. The latest market activity suggests the retail sector … [Read more...]

April 2013: Business Indicators

Read Nevada Business Indicators: April 2013 - business indicators for the U.S. and Nevada economies.

Revised estimates for fourth quarter 2012 show U.S. real GDP increasing by an annualized rate of 0.1 percent. Private inventory investment, federal government spending, and exports made negative contributions. The reduction in federal government spending comes after a surge in defense spending during third quarter, as a response to possible sequestration. In addition, Europe’s … [Read more...]

What do you hope the legislators will accomplish this session?

Executives Weigh in on 2013 Nevada Legislature

“I hope legislators recognize the importance of homeowners associations and the value of maintaining common areas for the members and the state as a whole.  Reasonable legislation is needed to support boards’ efforts rather than more legislative over-reach.” Anne Calarco, CMCA,AMS, PCAM • President & Managing Partner, Level Property Management “I hope the legislators … [Read more...]