Valerie J. Cooney: Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans

Valerie J. Cooney, Volunteer Attorneys for Rural NevadansExecutive Director
Carson City

How did you first get into your profession?

My father was an attorney in a small town in Northern California. I did not consider a career in law as I was growing up, but I knew I liked helping others. I spent several years after college working in various casinos in Lake Tahoe. In 1980, I felt the need to do something meaningful, so I decided on a legal career.

Where is the greatest demand for legal services?

There is a dire need for legal services in Rural Nevada. Many regions are isolated, services are limited and only a handful of attorneys are available to offer pro bono assistance. Delivering legal services over long distances in an effective and efficient manner is much more challenging than providing legal services in more populated areas.

What business advice would you give someone just starting in your industry?

Be patient, do good work in service to others, and the financial and personal rewards will follow.