What has the most potential to improve education in Nevada?

“Two words: community involvement.  Money alone is not enough to combat apathy.  We have dedicated teachers in our classrooms.  We also need dedicated parents and mentors to motivate our students.  When we all come together, amazing and transformative things happen.”
Dwight D. Jones • Superintendent, Clark County School District

“We must commit to three tasks to accomplish this goal: focus, mobilize and publicize the commitment of our political, business, community and educational leaders on the fundamental importance of education to Nevada, its economic success and quality of life.”
Thomas L. Schwenk, MD • Vice-President of Medical Sciences and Dean, University of Nevada School of Medicine

“Higher ed must integrate new instruction/delivery modes now: distance education; open-source on-line learning platforms; massive on-line open courses; sharing students, content and instruction with other colleges; etc.  Lower costs and better service if we do... slow death if not.”
Ron Knecht • Member, Board of Regents, Nevada System of Higher Education

“It will take an investment in education combined with proactive reforms that focus on student achievement and accountability.  Education must become a higher priority and be seen as an investment in our economy and the strengthening of our community.”
Pedro Martinez • Superintendent, Washoe County School District

“Collaboration.  Leaders of Nevada education institutions and systems have a great opportunity, during these very difficult economic times, to build collaborative partnerships with business and industry, local public agencies, non-profit groups and with other K-12 and Higher Education institutions.  Education can no longer succeed in a vacuum.”
Kevin C. Melcher • Member, Board of Regents, Nevada System of Higher Education

“Focus on student success in K-12 and higher education, and improve the learning outcomes of under-represented students, especially the growing Latino population. This will require targeted resources, but it’s critical if we intend to grow and diversify our economy.”
Bart Patterson •  President, Nevada State College