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Ever wished for free legal advice? The following pages feature a special report that has been written entirely by attorneys offering their wisdom in the legal field. With topics ranging from healthcare to wealth planning, Legal Opinions is directed to business professional and is filled with several informational, useful articles for every business. Attorneys at each of the firms represented in the special report were asked to submit articles about their specialities with the specific intention of informing and educating readers.

Featuring ten well-respected firms throughout the state, Legal Opinions is an invauable tool for business professionals. Whether an individual is struggling with a construction defect issue or how to handle a grand jury, the following articles offer important counsel and tips in dealing with a multitude of legal circumstances. Any business knows the importance of having a good attorney on speed dial, however, sometimes there are questions that simply aren’t urgent enough to get an answer via the hourly billing rates. The following pages have compiled several topics by experts detailing advice and information. Legal Opinion’s Hourly Billing Rate: $0.00

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