What was your very first job?

“My first job was traveling around the intermountain west refinishing gym floors at high schools, junior high schools and churches. I probably lost a few brain cells breathing the toxic fumes but it gave me the desire to get my college degree as fast as possible. Hopefully the education made up for the lost brain cells.”
Richard Bird • Regional Manager, Marcus & Millichap

“My very first job was a caddy at a Seattle-area Country Club and I showed up day one wearing jeans and was sent home!”
Cale Ramaker • Morning News Anchor, 8 News NOW

“My very first job was at a small town ice cream shop/newsstand.  At 14, I learned the responsibilities of getting up early for work when most teenagers sleep in. It especially taught me strong customer service skills and dependability.”
Suzanne Domoracki • Program Director, Nevada Drug Card

“I was 14 years old and in charge of ironing the nuns’ robes at my catholic church making $0.50 per hour.  After three weeks of coming home crying every day, I quit. To this day I refuse to iron anything.”
Mary Arnold-Ronish • President & CEO, Tattoo Vanish, Inc.

“While living on Nellis Air Force Base at the age of ten, I was hired by the Las Vegas Review Journal to deliver newspapers for base housing using my homemade wooden go-cart. I learned a lot about life with getting up at the crack of dawn to insure my buddies received their Sunday comics on time.  It was a very rewarding endeavor that I will always remember.”
Cass Palmer • CEO, United Way of Southern Nevada

“My first job was fry cook at a fast food restaurant. I learned the importance of a strong work ethic and teamwork, as well as implementing and following great processes…values that I bring to my current job at Park Place Infiniti.”
Stephen James •  General Manager, Park Place Infiniti