Healthcare Heroes 2012

Healthcare Heroes began in 2006 as a way to help address the then critical shortage of healthcare educators in Nevada. Today, the event has become a statewide fixture in the hearts and minds of Nevada’s healthcare stakeholders. The program has a two-fold purpose that has remained unchanged in the seven years since the inaugural event. It’s a vehicle to donate scholarship funds to benefit those that want to pursue healthcare education. It also allows for a venue in which to celebrate those in healthcare that provide excellent service but wouldn’t otherwise be recognized.

From its inception, Healthcare Heroes has been the result of a partnership between Nevada Business Magazine and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nevada. This partnership has remained steadfast through the years and has allowed Healthcare Heroes to donate tens of thousands of dollars and honor over 140 healthcare professionals in Nevada.

The program combines a feature special report that runs in the August issue of Nevada Business Magazine with an event in both Northern and Southern Nevada. There are 10 distinct categories in the Healthcare Heroes program and each category has two winners: one in the South and another in the Northern end of the state. Each category winner is chosen by a panel of judges with the specific goal of highlighting doctors, nurses, educators, administrators and individuals that work daily in healthcare.

This year’s program promises to be extraordinary as we honor 20 exceptional individuals that have dedicated their careers to improving the future of healthcare in the Silver State.

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